Campground Rules 

To make everyone's stay much more enjoyable please review the following campground policies

Check In 2pm Check out 11am (please check with office if you need more time)


Quiet Hours:

Out of respect for other campers please refrain from and excessive noise anytime during the day.

Quiet hours are from 10pm till 8am Sunday-Thursday, 11pm till 8am Fri and Sat.

Radios and TV’s must be kept at a reasonable volume at all times.


Speed Limit:

Please obey the 5 mph speed limit throughout the park for the safety of all.

Alcohol and Drugs:

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed at Campsites, away from sites all alcohol must be covered by a can or bottle cover.

Public drunkenness will not be allowed.

Use of Illegal drugs are prohibited, use of Marijuana in a campground is also prohibited by state law.(only edibles are allowed)



State Law; all visitors must register at the office upon entering the park.

Day visitors must leave the park by 9pm (unless there is a special event)

Overnight visitors must leave the park by noon of re-register for another day.

We ask that visitors not bring their pets.

Visitor parking will be next to dump station #2 and behind the pool area.

Seasonal Visitors passes are available at the office.



Bikes can be ridden only on the roads, not in the playground area or through sites.

State Law; requires anyone under the age of 16yrs to wear a bike helmet.

Please use bike rack next to the pool.

No bike riding at night. (When the pavilion area light comes on)

Bikes must keep to the right at all times and stop at intersections.


Camp Fires:

Town Ordinance; All campfires must be contained in the sites fire pit.

Town Ordinance; No fires with a flame over 24”

State Law; prohibits any out of state firewood.

Wood can be purchased at the office for $6.00 per bundle or 2 for $10.00

State Law; prohibits burning of any trash.



Please keep your site clean at all times.

Clothes line for drying towels only.

Please no cutting of trees or shrubs

Please do not cut through occupied sites.

No parking on empty sites, Extra parking is available in the overflow parking areas. (Behind the pool and behind dump station #2)

We only allow one family per site.

State Law; Discharge of gray or black water onto the ground is prohibited.

Site Improvements:

Please check with office before making any changes to your site.

Storage Sheds can be no larger then 6x6x7 and must have wood floor.

Decks must be built in 4x8 sections and no longer then the camper.

Wood Screen rooms are allowed but check with office on design specs.

The Rule is any deck or screen room must be easily removed/disassembled within a few hours.


Playground and Bathrooms:

All children under 10yrs must be under supervision while using the Bathrooms and Playground.

Please no climbing on the outside of the play structures and no going up slides backwards or head first down the slides.

No jumping off swings, slides or any other play structure.

Please throw all trash away and make sure not to leave anything behind.


Pool Rules:

Please review pool rules posted at the pool area.

Pool hours are 9am to 8pm

No lifeguard, swim at your own risk.

State Law; No one under 14yrs can be in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult 18yrs or older.

Please no food or drinks in the pool area, food and drinks can be left in the pavilion.

No smoking in the pool area

Bathing suits must be worn, No cut off shorts with threads hanging.

Please tie back long hair.

Please no pets in pool area.

No running or horsing around for you safety and others.

No bathing in pool.



Properly behaved pets are welcome.

Please discourage your visitors from bringing their pets.

State of Maine leash law applies.

Pet owners must clean up after their pet. (Bags are available next to the pavilion)

You cannot leave your pet unattended at anytime.

Please keep your pet as quiet as possible.



Motorized Vehicles:

MOTORCYCLES/MOPEDS/SCOOTERS: Are welcome yet we ask you not ride throughout the campground.

MOTORIZED WHEEL CHAIRS/SCOOTERS: Have no restrictions. And can go anywhere in the campground.

ELECTRIC POWERED POWER WHEELS: An adult must supervise Children at all times, and cannot go inside buildings.

POWERED SKATE BOARDS/SCOOTERS/BIKES: Must follow the 5mph rule and be adult supervised. Persons under 16 must wear a helmet.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES: We do not allow any use of ATV’S within the campground. (The exception is vehicles used in campground operations and Golf Carts)


GOLF CARTS: Maine State Law regards Golf Carts as ATV’S. Under Maine Law no person under the age of 16yrs can operate an ATV without taking and passing a State approved safety course. A copy of Drivers License for anyone operating a golf cart must be on file in the office.

INSURANCE: Golf Carts are required to have insurance, a copy of the insurance paperwork must be on file in the office. The cost is about $100.00 per year. In the event of an accident this is really cheap. The campground accepts no liability resulting from the use of campers personal Golf Carts.


Garbage and Recycling:

Please bag all trash

Dumpster is behind the pavilion (large dumpster next to the propane tanks)

No littering (including cigarette butts)


Other General Rules:

No washing of vehicles allowed without permission of the office.

Seasonal campers can wash their units twice per year. (Please check with office)

Please do not let children near the Fire Pond at the rear of the park.

Fire Works and Fire Arms are prohibited.






If you have any questions about any of the above rules please feel free to contact the office at 207-998-2624 or 207-576-5570 after hours.